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An event dedicated for all outdoor enthusiasts

Transylvania Camping Festival is an event dedicated for all outdoor enthusiasts.
✓ meet the people
✓ share knowledge
✓ learn new things
✓ have fun & be happy
You will find at Transylvania Camping Festival: fun, music, surprise guests, culinary events, outdoor cooking contests, zeolite mud wrestling, arts & crafts and many other surprises for 7 days of fun and contests. Life is always better when I’m camping.

DJ party
DJ party

win your tiket

Win your ticket for Transylvania Camping Festival

Want to win tickets to Transylvania Camping Festival? Then you are invited to join us to help setup the event. You can help us to arrange the campsite, or the leisure and green spaces, farm animals and other administrative activities.

For your help we give you a ticket to participate at the festival which includes both the camping for 7 days and the contest fee. Contact us at info@camping-transilvania.ro


Interpersonal development opportunities

The festival agenda is packed with everything from: training & seminars about lifestyle tips for a productive life, how to unlock your inner greatness to lessons of traditional handicrafts and interaction with multicultural traditions of Transylvania, outdoor movie sessions, conferences on environmental issues and global warming, yoga lessons, quiz contest, various sessions of holistic therapies… enjoy a life changing experience at Transylvania Camping Festival.

Find out more about festival agenda here.