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Gourmands found refuge in Chichis, Covasna county

rata pe varza
The hosts waited for visitors with a totally special dish. Organic duck on a bed of cabbage. It’s not easy to make, but worth the effort, say those who have tasted the food. And then praised chef talent.

The recipe started with the preparation of the 20th kg of the cabbage. While cabbage is preparing under the power of fire and spices, someone else prepares the ducks. After four and a half hour the meal is ready and tourists can enjoy a delicious menu.

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Magnificent Transylvania will take you through what was once the wild edges of Europe

Bran Castle
Follow in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler on a road trip through Romania’s magnificent Transylvania, with medieval towns straight from a fairytale

I wandered through cobblestone streets, dazzled by the colourful medieval and renaissance architecture, the citadels on the hillsides looking down, picture-perfectly framed by the forested mountain standing tall behind.

Transylvania’s Dracula connection is of course thanks to Bram Stoker, the Irish author of the original novel, who never even visited Transylvania.

His character’s origins are just loosely based on the 15th century local ruler, Vlad Dracul.
Vlad is better known by his nickname, The Impaler.
He wasn’t a vampire, but his nickname describes how he dispensed with his enemies, in particular the Turkish invaders.
His notoriety has echoed down through the ages, yet (in tourist shops at least) his persona has intertwined with the fictional Dracula’s, the two becoming a mustachioed one.

The 14th century Bran Castle – touted as “Dracula’s Castle” – has been serving for ages as a military fortress controlling the entry route to Transylvania and best known through its association with Dracula’s myth.

We came off the main road to visit another, Viscri, where Prince Charles owns property.
After driving slowly to the end of a long dirt track, we were greeted by a sign declaring its Unesco World Heritage status.

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Inside ‘Dracula’s Castle’

Inside ‘Dracula’s Castle’, the Romanian fortress which sparked a very bloody legend

Bran Castle is tied to the iconic story of the aristocratic Romanian vampire
Vlad the Impaler – the spark for the tale – was reputedly imprisoned here
The fortress sits in central Romania, attracting legions of vampire fans

It is the ‘home’ of one of the greatest villains ever to stalk our nightmares – a place where only the brave might venture, and the more nervous might fear a sharp pain in the neck.
Alternatively, it might be seen as a splendid royal palace in a less-seen part of Europe.

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party people

An event dedicated for all outdoor enthusiasts

Transylvania Camping Festival is an event dedicated for all outdoor enthusiasts.
✓ meet the people
✓ share knowledge
✓ learn new things
✓ have fun & be happy
You will find at Transylvania Camping Festival: fun, music, surprise guests, culinary events, outdoor cooking contests, zeolite mud wrestling, arts & crafts and many other surprises for 7 days of fun and contests. Life is always better when I’m camping.

DJ party
DJ party

win your tiket

Win your ticket for Transylvania Camping Festival

Want to win tickets to Transylvania Camping Festival? Then you are invited to join us to help setup the event. You can help us to arrange the campsite, or the leisure and green spaces, farm animals and other administrative activities.

For your help we give you a ticket to participate at the festival which includes both the camping for 7 days and the contest fee. Contact us at


Interpersonal development opportunities

The festival agenda is packed with everything from: training & seminars about lifestyle tips for a productive life, how to unlock your inner greatness to lessons of traditional handicrafts and interaction with multicultural traditions of Transylvania, outdoor movie sessions, conferences on environmental issues and global warming, yoga lessons, quiz contest, various sessions of holistic therapies… enjoy a life changing experience at Transylvania Camping Festival.

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Prince Charles meets with villagers in Valea Zalanului, Romania


Valea Zalanului, or Zalanului Valley, is a small village in central Romania. It is here that The Prince of Wales owns a 200-year-old property, which was originally built for the ‘judge’ who was responsible for overseeing the village. The Prince also owns a traditional Saxon house in the nearby village of Viscri. Both the buildings have been converted into guest-houses, after undergoing restoration work. They are currently available to the public to rent, an initiative that the Prince hopes will encourage tourists to come to Transylvania.

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